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Trinity Sunday: A God who is also…

The texts for Sunday, June 3, 2012 (Trinity Sunday): Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 29; Romans 8:12-17; and John 3:1-17

… Sometimes, this image of God — an image of God that is captured fully in a stained glass window — leaves us with the idea that we can understand God
that we have God all figured out.

And the thing is: such a god is too small.
A god that we have all figured out has no more depth than a stained-glass window
no more power than the limits of our minds
no more life than a few shards of liquid sand.

No, God is more than we can understand. God is beyond us.
And this is good news—because we need a God beyond us.
Beyond our limits.
Beyond our fears.
Beyond our loves.
Beyond all that we can and cannot do.
Beyond us—so that we can indeed trust in the terror and mystery that is beyond us.
And God IS beyond us.

God is love, yes,
but God is also passion and reckless and fury and fire

God is creating, yes,
but God is also dancing in the chaos, playing with the horrors of the deep,
breathing through the dust,
whistling through the bones.

God is healing, yes,
but God is also hurt, wounded by our pain, hanging on our crosses,
bearing the scars …


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