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“Failing” Lent: Day 4


This morning my devotion turned out to be looking out the window. I was supposed to read something, but this was all I got to. It was all I really needed. There was a fresh layer of maybe two inches on the ground, which seemed a dusting after the 30″ we got last week. It made everything look stunningly clean and soft. The branches of the trees glowed and had a crystalline look about them. I stood and looked for a long time, something of awe, praise, heart-aching wonder welling up inside.

Honestly, I kind of hate to admit how beautiful I found it. I’ve fairly firmly established among anyone that knows me that I don’t like the cold and snow. I’d rather have it in the mid-70s any day of the week and, really, the hotter the better as far as I’m concerned— 90°F is pretty comfortable to me.

But, I guess the truth of it is there is beauty in all creation … even when it isn’t comfortable.

Hmm. You know, that seems broadly applicable to life: “There is beauty, even when it isn’t comfortable.”

I guess that’s kind of what Lent is about, isn’t it: it is supposed to be about stripping away all the stuff so that we are left with bare branches, bare ground, ashes, dust, a cross, the wilderness. And in the middle of that uncomfortable place, that stripped place, we are invited into the beauty—of God, of creation, of our own rent hearts.


Featured Image by Steven Severinghaus “This photo was taken on December 27, 2011 in Lake of the Woods, Illinois, US, using a Nikon D300.” Found on his Flickr acct. Check out this and his other work at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/horsepunchkid/

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