Jabbok Dawn

Tumbling in the Sand

Beloved child, get up.

talitha cum

Text for this reflection (in an Advent series entitled “Revive”): Mark 5:21–43

“Talitha cum,”

Little Girl, get up.

This text is not one that we normally hear this time of year, in the season of Advent. Normally, we get lots of texts from the old testament prophets or the beginning of the Gospels where we hear from angels and a soggy (fiery) prophet named John.

We hear words of warning that we need to wake up, to be awake.
We hear words about the coming of God into our not-so-perfect lives.
We hear words of longing that the broken things, the unjust things, and the things that hurt us most will end and be fixed by the coming of God.

But this story also has a place in Advent.

Because this story is a story about what the heart of Advent is about.

It is a story about the longing of Jesus to come.
It is a story about the uncomfortable, sorrowful waiting.
It is a story about hope that seems to come too late.
It is a story about how God does show up and does something more than we could ever expect.

It is also a story about waking up.

“Little girl, get up.”

Can you imagine Jesus saying that to you?

Can you imagine Jesus reaching out a hand to you and saying—“get up.”

“Wake up.”

Wake up from the things that are killing you.
Wake up from the things that are keeping you from living.
Wake up from the things that are separating you from the community that loves you.
Wake up and be fed.

It’s such a different tone from John’s yelling “Wake up!”
Or the watchmen on the ramparts warning “Wake up!”

It’s an invitation.

An invitation to a beloved child.

Wake up.
Wake up to the love surrounding you.
Wake up to the power of life.
Wake up to what is really important in this world.
Wake up and know the presence of God.

“Beloved child, get up.”

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