Jabbok Dawn

Tumbling in the Sand

Missed turn

pink haze

Missed Turn

Well, damn
airport pre-dawn
see you soon
safe travels

I missed my exit.

I blame the leaves —
pink hues
pink haze
reflecting the pink and bluing sky
mesmerizing ephemeral beauty — blinding me

Berating myself
I take the longer way
waste of time
mistake that it is

my surroundings
I think
maybe …
maybe I needed
to wander wonder —

to take this road that wound by
the river — dancing, shining

to see the cold beauty
of Sikorsky’s Blackhawk — perched, steely, deadly

to watch morning workers
coming to terms with the day — coffee, steaming, vests, reflective

to experience this moment
this dawn this way — unhurried, alert

who knows what normal monotony
I avoided missing my turn
taking the winding way

Well, damn.

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