Jabbok Dawn

Tumbling in the Sand

Another Look at the Resurrection

The texts for Sunday, July 22, 2012 (The Feast of Mary Magdalene): Ruth 1:6–18; Psalm 73:23–28; Acts 13:26–33a; and John 20:1–18

…It was a quiet, early morning
still lots of shadows as the sun barely peaked over the horizon.
It was a sad morning—one, I imagine that was dampened by tears
long before Mary of Magdalene ever made it to the tomb.
The sounds of nails being hammered into wood
still ringing in her ears.
Her heart wondering about the horror of the world
the way that people could hurt others so much
the way that power and empire seemed to crush so hard
the way that one she loved, one she honored, one she followed
had been so brutally killed.
She probably felt lost, afraid, alone.

She, like those leaving candles by the make-shift memorial at that movie theatre in Aurora, was coming to do what she could to say good-bye
to hope for some sort of closure
by wrapping Jesus’ body properly and anointing it with the spices
and prayers and probably some tears as well.

And when she found that tomb empty,
the choirs did not sing.
the sun did not shine extra bright
the lilies didn’t suddenly burst open.
There was only the dark, frighteningly empty tomb
and silence…


I tend not to post the whole text of my Sunday sermons online; instead, I post an audio file for you to listen to—so, if you click on the play button below the text references, you can listen to me preach the sermon (make sure your browser and plugins are up to date—sometimes the little player doesn’t load if you aren’t up to date).  If, by chance, you would like a copy of the full transcript, please feel free to email me (pebblefaith at gmail dot com) and I will be happy to send it to you! Many, many blessings!

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