Jabbok Dawn

Tumbling in the Sand

Ego ami

The texts for Sunday, July 29, 2012 (lectionary 17): 2 Kings 4:42–44; Psalm 145:10–18; Ephesians 3:14–21; and John 6:1–21.

… I think that we all have that little bit of terror…
that little bit of the lingering question
“who is really in control?”
Because we aren’t.

We look around us and see hungry people
and raging storms
and terminal illnesses
and shrinking churches and hatred we can’t explain
and people we don’t understand.

We look around us and see things that overwhelm us
that are so much bigger than us and beyond us
that we simply can’t fix or heal or make grow or make go away.

We are not in control—and that unsettles us at the very least
and perhaps even terrifies us.

And so we seek what is larger than us—we long for it—
we know somehow in asking the question,
there is an answer
and we hope beyond hope that whatever is in control is
better than we are.

And I think that is why we find ourselves
week after week
coming to this table
where we are told the amazing truth that death dies
and that God dances in the chaos—while Jesus strolls across it.

We come to this table week after week
to here God proclaim in Word and Sacrament
that “I AM” do not be afraid…


*  The featured image is a picture of a stained glass window from Capitol Drive Lutheran Church. View all of their windows here: Capitol Drive Lutheran Church StainGlass Windows

**  I tend not to post the whole text of my Sunday sermons online; instead, I post an audio file for you to listen to—so, if you click on the play button below the text references, you can listen to me preach the sermon (make sure your browser and plugins are up to date—sometimes the little player doesn’t load if you aren’t up to date).  If, by chance, you would like a copy of the full transcript, please feel free to email me (pebblefaith at gmail dot com) and I will be happy to send it to you! Many, many blessings!

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