Jabbok Dawn

Tumbling in the Sand

A New and Living Way

The texts for Sunday, November 18, 2012 (Lectionary 33): Daniel 12:1–3; Psalm 16; Hebrews 10:11–25; and Mark 13:1–8

… But, here the author of Hebrews takes that image of that curtain even further.
And makes it not just about the fabric in the temple
but talks about Jesus’ flesh as the curtain through which we enter into the presence of God.

And that is just amazing: because it means that it is in the flesh that we see God.

It is the broken human body that God is revealed.
It is not in great stone temples
It is not in great ancient statuary
It is not in the buildings we build that are doomed to crumble
It is not even in the institutions of religion or government
It is not in any of these things that we see God

Instead, it is in the wounds of Christ.

Which is why the Roman Centurion proclaimed at the cross:
“Truly this was the son of God.”
And why Thomas confessed upon seeing the resurrected Christ’s wounds:
“My Lord and My God!”
And it is why in the simple act of sitting for a meal and witnessing
the breaking of bread
the disciples on the road recognized Jesus.

And it is why we gather together
as a broken community
not whole
not perfect
not ideal
but broken and full of wounds
because it is in those wounds that we see God.

It is not in perfection or wholeness
but in the tearing of the curtain
the breaking of the bread.
The brokenness of body.
That God is revealed…


The story in this sermon about tying a rope around the high priest originates from extra-biblical material, but I think the Zohar is a pretty credible source.

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